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Welcome to Mellow Road CBD! Explore our full line of gummies, tinctures, topicals and skin products sure to please! Check out our full line of products.

Mellow Road CBD Products

Welcome to Mellow Road CBD! Browse our store to find the best products for you and your lifestyle.


Our full spectrum CBD fruity gummies and softgel capsules are made with non-psychoactive hemp extract and offer a discreet and convenient way to experience the benefits of CBD.


Our full spectrum CBD tinctures are ideal for those who do not like to swallow a pill. They can be taken sublingually or mixed in with food or beverages. They come in several flavors and are fast acting.


Our selection of CBD topicals includes muscle rubs, massage oils, tatoo balms and skin care products made from all natural ingredients.


All natural CBD drops and balms for cats and dogs-great for anxiety and discomfort.

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I can speak to the roll on CBD stick we ordered.,. “ It truly works within minutes to relieve tension in the back of my neck , and on nights when my restless leg syndrome is especially bothersome it alleviates that discomfort too. I use it on my foot that I broke 5 yrs ago to ease the ache of the arthritis, and I also roll it on my upper hip and leg for my sporadic sciatica pain. It is amazing! Far more effective than any other topical product I have used. Plus I like the light scent and it isn’t greasy. “ Quote me! 🥰

Becky B., Grand Rapids MI

2020 has been pretty isolating and stressful for us families with small children. I’ve been using a dropper of the “Mojito Lime Hemp Extract” under my tongue once or twice a day for the past month, and I can absolutely tell a difference in my mood and anxiety level. (more…)

Michelle from Grand Rapids

I have chronic back pain and the gummies really helped when I didn't keep up with my stretches! They made usually uncomfortable long car rides bearable. Also it was difficult to not eat them all in one sitting…yum!

Howard from West Michigan

The CBD gummies have become my go-to remedy if I have any trouble winding down at the end of the workday. Working remotely from a makeshift office in my kitchen has sometimes made it hard to transition out of work mode and the gummies have been a huge help.

Marybeth from East Grand Rapids, MI

The muscle rub is the only thing I've found that seems to help me manage my shoulder and neck pain.  both of which bother me and that can sometimes awaken me from sleep.

Dennis from Fenton, Michigan

I started using the THC Free Hemp Extract-CBD oil -RELAX. It is amazing! When I get home from work, I am very wound up and after I use the RELAX CBD oil, I can feel myself unwind. I started with 2 drops under my tongue and increased it to 3 drops after a few days. My mom and aunt have started using it as well after I told them how it is helping me.

Jean from Allegan, Michigan